Have some patience.

RANDOM RANTINGSThe small details, and big ones, that you can update in your home can transform it from looking like a rental or #basicbitch status abode into an inviting home.

People, especially young ones(in college, single, me.....in the past...okay, a few years ago, haha), are easily consumed with the idea that they just have to have their place completely furnished, so naturally they end up purchasing a lot of cheap furniture that screams "I paid as little as you think I did for this piece of shit that probably won't withstand the year."  [I noticed people nowadays have that whole "instant-gratification" complex, and it bewilders me that I actually have some patience now.]  Invest a little more into your furniture; money as well as time.  Become a channel for the fierce creative energies of the universe, and make a plan.  Draw up how you imagine each room to look; this aides in keeping you on track because you now have a visual goal for your space.  Do your research online to create a budget and to assist you in creating a more realistic vision.  There are many places online that sell affordable furniture with free shipping included.

I love Ikea and Target just as much as the next person, but try to avoid furnishing your whole entire home with the stuff because then the space becomes completely listless.  Simply put, do not buy all your shit in one fucking place because it's tacky.  You should also stay away from wall decals, things that are "trending" right now, and the like.  Go for timeless pieces.  You will regret getting that stupid ass white dresser with unicorn carvings on it painted in all pastel colors......[Ugh, you people make me sick.]

Accumulate your knick-knacks and miscellaneous home decor over time, and don't ever act like you're too fucking good for hand me downs, no one is too good for hand me downs.  Do you think Queen Elizabeth was like "Don't you dare touch me with that worn ass fucking crown."  No, she wasn't bitch.  You're not going to be handed a piece of furniture that could go at Sotheby's for millions but you can find some pieces that I promise you, you will fall in love with, so this is the commoner version of that.  This will definitely give your home a personal touch.  While Craigslist and Yard Sales are your BFF's, paints, stains, and sandpaper are your partners in crime.  I have personally purchased more than a handful of things off of Craigslist, and now have my own personal go-to guy for antique furniture and hardware because of it.

Now, not everyone can live with a barren room for months or even a year at a time, but it will be so much more worth it in the long run.


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