Crassulaceae: Sub family Crassuloideae


C. Ovata
Common Name:  Jade Plant
Defining features:  I mean you can't really mistake this plant for anything else.
H2O:  Water when wrinkly
☀️:  Bright direct sunlight to shade. 
Growing Season in Zone 12b:  
Notes:  This plant is super adaptable and nearly impossible to kill.  I like to keep one in the sun and one inside or in the shade.  The leaves turn more yellow/lime green with more sun exposure, and a beautiful dark green with less sun exposure.  The red tips are also accentuated with more sun.  As with my succulents I look for physical changes such as wrinkled leaves to cue me to water or I just touch the leaves themselves.  When they don't feel as taut I water them.  The one pictured is one I'm turning into a bonsai-I'm grafting it to a lava rock I found with nice labradorite inclusions that look great when they catch the sun just right.

Please keep in mind that these growing conditions are only recommendations based upon what works for these plants in this climate zone.


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