Crassulaceae: Sub family Kalanchoöideae



Common name:  Bear paws 
Defining features: The fuzzy leaves that resemble bear paws.
H2O:  Water when leaves are wrinkled or when plant is droopy.
☀️:  Bright direct sunlight, south facing.
Growing Season in Zone 12b:  March-September.
Fertilizing:  Every other week in it's active growing period.
Notes:  I water when the leaves get droopy or wrinkly.  One of my easiest plants.  He also has a very sweet



T. Bodleyae


K. Tomentosa

The great thing about the interwebs is that there is a slew of information that is easily available, and is easily added to.  This is also the crappy thing about the internet because people who are just wanting to make a buck or the uninformed or uneducated can just spread their crap with others taking this as legitimate information.  Anyways the point of this rant was to point out that many, too many, people on the internet inaccurately label the many cultivars of this particular species.  To clarify: the og is the panda.  The mislabeling happens the most with the Chocolate Soldier and Cinnamon cv.  This bothers me.....a lot.  Since the following are all (but one) varieties and require the same type of care,  I'll only put the defining features beneath each photo.

Black Tie 



Chocolate soldier

Defining features:  Brown trim on olive/yellow leaves.  Colors reminiscent of a soldier's uniform.  Parent of the cv. Teddy Bear.


Defining features: The brassy or CINNAMON tips.  






Defining features:  Well this is the parent plant.  Silver-green leaves with brown spotty tips.


Super Duper



Teddy Bear 

Defining features:  Fat chubby Chocolate Soldier cv. created by Altman Plants.

Common name(s):  
H2O:  Water when leaves are malleable☀️:  Bright direct sunlight
Growing Season in zone 12b, South Facing: March-September.
Fertilizing:  Every other week during active growing season.
Notes: If leaves are all curving inward and are very mushy then you are probably overwatering.  When leaves are spread out and flat they are not receiving enough light.  When individual leaves are bending in towards themselves to form a V shape they are thirsty, another manifestation that accompanies this are aerial roots (refer to the leaf on the bottom right of the Teddy Bear).  I personally like that the colors look darker with more sun, so I prefer to keep them in full sun.  However, you can keep them in indirect light.


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