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Tripler Ridge

If you want a challenge look no further.  On Saturday my friend Jerry and I set out to do Tripler Ridge.  The trail head starts at the very top of Tripler's housing area.  I'd heard stories from friends I've made through the Imiloa hiking group, but this would be the first time I'd take it on myself.  The first mile was reminiscent of the back way to Haiku.  Just a long ass paved road, this always is a killer at the end.   Like when the fuck does this end?????  But I knew from this that I would need to set a good pace.  I really wanted to push to the summit of the KST but we had at least made it to the end of the trail.  I enjoy reading about past use of trails and the history.  However, I could not find much besides the posts from Kenji Saito and Dayle Turner's archive from the 90's.

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