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The trailhead begins in the Waialae Iki community approximately 1.5 miles in from the access road.  So it was paved and or flat with a wide trail for a very good portion of the hike.  A stroll through the park if you will, especially compared to what I'm used to.  You follow the ridge line up to a HECO tower, and shortly after to the KST.  Extremely pleasant conditions; overcast with a gentle breeze.  It also cleared up just in time for us to get a view down into the valley from the peak.  My phone died at this moment, so I just exercised being present.  I haven't done this trail since high school, an eon ago, and so the only thing I could remember about it was the mud.  We had lucked out.  Although it had been raining on and off the few days prior, with a light sprinkle as we were on the trail, we came out with just some mud on our hands and feet.  I'll admit as we pushed forward closer to the summit and I started noticing grooves from spikes gouged into the wet earth I wo

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