Pocahontas Tingz.

ABRIDGED VERSION I am quite the outdoorsman as of late.  I have staved my recently diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with a healthy "obsession," at the very least; The outdoors.
The crunching grit of sand beneath my toes, the brisk surf of the ocean lapping up against my skin, the music of basaltic sheets chiming beneath my feet as we slide down a sketchy mountain path, the pillows of lichen caressing my fingertips seducing me into a lull.  It's addictive.
It's also been incredibly therapeutic for my depression as well.  The deliberate seemingly imperfect perfection of nature helps me to center myself, and to recharge.  It's something I can never get sick of and I feel like I can breathe in a way I haven't been able to in a long time.
I started with saying that I would give the short version, but have been rambling for some time now.  I'll be cataloging my findings and misadventures more avidly from now on.
I'd appreciate any feedback and or corrections to help me identify types of rockbeds, minerals, lichen, marine life or anything else I'll be posting up on here.


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