Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Baby shark!

Kāneana Cave, named after Kāne the father of all living creatures.  Ana in Hawaiian literally translates to cave, grotto, or cavern so we've successfully made it really redundant.  Believed to be the birthplace of mankind and also
home to the underground shark God Nanaue, the son of Kamohoali‘i (King of Sharks,) brother of Pele, and Kalei.  Nanaue was a demi-god able to transform at will into a shark or human.  He would lure weary travelers into his cave for a warm meal and when they finally laid their heads down to rest he would kill them, then leave them to decompose in the back of the cave for a few weeks before eating them.  Hence, the nasty odor of the cave.  However, after doing my own research I think that this might be more of a bastardized urban myth type deal rather than true ancient Hawaiian mythology which says he went from Hawai'i, to Maui, and then eventually was killed on the island of Moloka'i for eating too many fakas.  Although legends do say that Kamohoali'i ruled underwater sea caves, so it's hard to say.
One interpretation I found to be interesting was that of Joe Punohu:
Click on his name to see his full post, and his colorful recantation of his encounter with an unfortunate person suffering from scabies or eczema and scoliosis, or Nanaue himself.

Now for the science!  After 150,000 years of being pummeled by the Pacific you have what you see before you today:
"The cave is about 450 feet long and trends S. 25 ° E. In places the roof is about 100 feet above the floor. The entrance is about 50 feet high and 45 feet wide. The south wall
of the mouth of the cave consists of 8 feet of olivine a'a overlain by a pahoehoe flow about 25 feet thick, which in turn is overlain by a'a. There may be a slight downthrow to the south on the south side of the 2Yz-foot dike forming the north side of the
cave. The dike on the south wall running inland along the trend of the cave is about 4 feet thick but it pinches out upward. Prior to the removal of the talus at the mouth, the cave was entered near the top of the present opening. The white line on the north wall marks the former upper limit of the talus that was removed during the excavation of the road. On the north wall 20 feet above the floor of the cave is coarse boulder conglomerate left by the sea on a ledge.
The cave is due to the enlargement by
wave action of a fault crack that runs nearly parallel with a cross-jointed dike. The vertical grain of the dikes has facilitated wave quarrying. The ridge in which the cave is situated is in the heart of the Waianae dike complex (pl. 2) . Beyond the main opening is a series of chambers about 8 feet wide, on the floors of which are 2 to 6 feet of
consolidated calcareous sand containing smooth water-worn lava cobbles. The white coral sand is coated with a black tufa which makes the deposit resemble basalt. Numerous holes several inches to a foot in diameter and a foot or more deep pit the floor. These holes have fluted walls. The grooves are due to percolating water dropping from the roof and dissolving the limestone. The walls and roof are in many places coated with several inches of tufa which form tiny blunt-ended stalactites. The floor at the mouth of the cave is about 55 feet above sea level, but a short distance
inside it is estimated to be only about 30 feet. The cave was probably made during the rise and recession of the sea to and from the 95-foot level." (Stearns 74-76)

Besides being home to weird creatures, and smells, the cave is also home to barking sand.  I'm not sure of the exact Hz emitted by the sands at Kane'ana or at the beach below, but the average is supposedly 450Hz.  Studies have been done to show how sound can effect brain waves.  The main reason I mention this of course is in relation to the supposed sightings and strange sensations felt at the cave.  Without personally having the means to measure the frequency I guess I'll never know.

My own experience(s) with the cave:
It was a week after the night of July 21, 2018/ morning of the following day(using the dates off the 1st 3 photos directly below.)  I had gone there during the day with a friend, and we decided to return a week later in the evening because of what we had read about it after we left, including Joe's post that I mentioned earlier.  Before reading about the smell coming from "rotting flesh" I had noticed a foul odor, but I'm fairly certain it's coming from the algae growing on the walls mixed with the ocean air that drifts into the cave.  Now, keep in mind, I was super excited to go, as I used to love the thrill of ghost hunting as a teen.  We get there at maybe 1am-3am.  We actually never made it deeper than 20 feet past the mouth of the lava tube when I started feeling a swarm flies or gnats landing on me and could hear buzzing separate from the crickets chirping, which I assumed were from the bugs or the sand.  However, my friend could not hear the buzzing. We were equipped with multiple flashlights, but never actually saw the bugs.  I'm lead to believe that maybe they were gnats or baby mosquitoes seeing as how there is stagnant water in the cave.  I decide maybe we can go further when all of a sudden I'm overwhelmed with a sense of fear, and I stop dead in my tracks.  I grab my friend by the shoulder and say sternly "we need to leave now." This feeling of terror reminded me of when I was a door to door salesperson being chased by a German Shepherd.  Running away from real danger has to be one of the most terrifying feelings one could ever experience.
The crickets were no longer chirping, the bugs followed us back to the car, and now my friend could feel them as well.  The moonlight that, upon entering, illuminated the road and a bit of the cave was now quickly being obscured by cloud cover.  The light breeze had now turned into strong gusts of wind.  We jumped in and drove away.  We never saw Nanaue, but as we drove away the moon turned blood red as it reappeared from behind the clouds.  I immediately looked up the weather forecast, moon cycle, and any atmospheric anomalies that may have caused this color, but found nothing.  Driving further away, passing the power plant, the moon became ensconced again behind the clouds.

This last photo is of me spelunking more recently....during the day, but of course.  No vibes this time.  When you head into the cave you can walk up to  the left this leads to a small cavern after crawling several feet on your hands and knees, which leads to a spectacular.......dead end.  Now the area that I believe Joe had mentioned was the cavern to the right, which has since been deliberately(I say deliberately because we found bricks, as well as marks along the wall of the first small room which looked like someone had taken a chisel or pick-axe to it) filled, sadly.  You can go into a small crawl space that leads to another room which is completely filled with rocks on the bottom, the part I believe used to have the rope.  I had to clear out as much as I could so that I could squeeze through into the next cavern to see this.  If DLNR had filled the hole I feel like there would be record of it or signs posted to stay out.  This makes me more curious as to what lies beneath.

You can purvey my sources of information in the links below and tell me what you think below.
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