Mauna Lahilahi II: World's smallest mountain.

[[ Part II of a III part post]]
Ancient Hawaiians found Mauna Lahilahi to be the perfect place to watch for for incoming ships.  The 230 foot summit commands a panoramic view of the Makaha oceanside.  It also served as a palena(border), separating Makaha from Wai'anae.

You're in luck because I'm not an asshole and I won't feed you lies!  This one is a bit sketchy although it is short.  Don't believe anyone that says otherwise because their flex level is over 9000!!!!  However, going back down was a lot easier.  Anyways, leave the kids at home for this one. 
Again, don't litter, and bring your sunscreen and camera!

Mauna Lahilahi beach, SE

Papaoneone beach, N

All the way up.

If you'd like to read up more on the historical aspects of this site please check out part 1 of this post.

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